Studio Komachi is a studio that has renovated Kyomachiya.
Not only Japanese-style rooms but also Western-style rooms are available, and modern photography shooting is also possible ♪
You are also free to use the kitchen where you can actually cook!

Floor plan

Introduction in our studio

Note: Please use the 2F Japanese-style room for changing rooms, makeup, food and drinks.

About the use of the kitchen

Please be sure to read it for safe use

  • Use of the kitchen is freePlease prepare ingredients, seasonings and so on by yourself.
  • Note: Rental of cooking utensils is free of charge.Please do everything for yourself such as cooking and tidying up.
  • Only in the proper place you can eat and drink.
  • Please be careful about burns and so on enough because you handle fire.
  • Be sure to turn the ventilation fan when using kitchen.
  • Please open the window once every hour and be sure to ventilate.
  • Please be careful not to leap flame into wigs or costumes.
  • If the IH stove is clearly damaged or if it can’t be repaired normally, we will claim
    appropriate compensation.
    In addition, we will claim compensation in the case of damage to dishes and utensils as well.
  • Rental confirmation will be completed after confirmation of lighting by our staff at the end of the studio.
  • We are not responsible for any accidents that may occur to our customers by using our facilities.

reservation/Contact Us

Please feel free to contact me.(Reception time:11:00~20:00)
+81 80-7992-0981(responsible party:Hayata)